Momentum Paints Agora LIVE!

Momentum Art Tech believes that graffiti art — like any art form — is a necessary tool for bridging cultural gaps, and can be used as a positive influence among people of all ages and demographics. Artist C3PO will demonstrate live traditional techniques used in the graffiti art medium while he creates an image sure to capture the heart of any art lover. Each step of the process is a crucial part of the finished piece and you'll be able to witness this transformation, as well as paint on a community wall to test your own skills.

About the artist

C3PO is a self-taught artist based out of Chicago. His recent works have been murals with an emphasis on large interior and exterior works. He has decades of experience with paint and other visual-art mediums, including graphic design and digital media. His work spans from classical methods and materials such as oils, acrylics, landscapes, and fine art, to more modern abstract mixed mediums including graffiti art.

C3PO has taught in workshops as an inner-city art teacher, working with kids and young adults. His work can be found in several publications and throughout Chicagoland, and he has traveled extensively and painted in several large cities around the world. He is the co-founder of Momentum Art Tech, a company whose focus is on painting and retail art supplies.

Through this collaboration with Momentum Art Tech Madison, the Agora Art Fair pushes new boundaries of art expression. Graffiti art will be the tool showing that art can be used as a positive influence among people of all walks of life.

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